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How Our Referral Program Works

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Fill out the form on the bottom of this page to send us a referral. We'll review your submission and get in touch.

We Contact the Client

Our team will explore our management options with your customer and answer any questions they may have.

We Pay You

We'll pay you 25% of the first month's rent as a referral commission for every client who signs a contract with us.

Why Refer Clients to Us?

Keep Your Client Relationships

We don't ask you to give up your client relationships when you send us business. We'll handle their property management needs and refer them back to you for sales transactions down the road.

Reduce Your Liability

Improperly following tenant-law on leasing, fee handling, maintenance issues, turnover, etc. can open you up to legal liability & even having your real estate license placed in jeopardy. Leave leasing to the experts.

We'll Make You Look Good

Our team works overtime to ensure every investor we partner with has a great experience. We'll do everything possible to impress your client; they'll be thankful for your recommendation to work with us.

We'll Pay You

You'll earn 25% of one month's rent for every client who chooses to sign a property management contract with our team. Use the calculator below to determine your earning potential.

How Much Could You Make?

  • Commissions are paid once per property. This figure represents the commission multiplied by the number of units you refer.
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Potential Commissions

Average Monthly Rent
1yr Earnings From Just
2 Referrals/Month
Just 1yr of Protected Sales

Figures are provided for illustratrive purposes only and are not indicative of projected earnings.

Real Feedback About Our Team

I Would Highly Recommend

"Judy, Courtney and the rest of the Augusta Team does an AMAZING job taking care of both tenants and property owners. Working with Augusta for over 6 years we have seen them go above and beyond to get work done promptly. They really care about the tenants and take great care with their people and properties. I would HIGHLY recommend Judy and her team for finding a place to live and property management!"

True Professionals

"We acquired a heavy fixer that required significant investment to bring it to rentable condition. Courtney and Tammy provided assistance and guidance each step of the way, including before we had formally signed the property management agreement. They were quite literally my feet on the ground. The project encountered a number of obstacles, but both were there to help get it back in track and move it forward. They are true professionals and have gone above and beyond to help ensure that our investment is successful."


"The ladies at Augusta, Realtors are exceptional. Its hard to find people that do what they say they are going to do and stand behind their word. I trust Augusta and appreciate what they do every day."

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