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Clogged Toilets

If your toilet becomes clogged, the first step is to remain calm and avoid flushing it again, as this may worsen the situation. Locate a plunger and position it over the drain, creating a tight seal. Apply firm, rhythmic plunges to dislodge the blockage.

You can also try using a mixture of hot water and dish soap to break down the clog, but this is not advisable if the water level in the toilet is already higher than normal.

Sink / Shower Clogs

If your sink or shower clogs, there may be some debris at the mouth of the drain causing the blockage. You can use a special draining cleaning implement to clear the pipe; most hardware stores sell these for a few dollars.

Chemical drain cleaners are also useful for small clogs, but avoid overusing these as they could damage the plumbing system.

If you are facing recurrent clogs, you should consider installing drain traps that will keep hair and other debris from entering the pipe.


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